Do I need a passport?
All guests traveling in the British Virgin Islands are required to have a passport.

What form of currency is used in the islands?
The US Dollar is used in both the USVI and the British Virgin Islands. Credit cards are often accepted but subject to the whims of the cellular network. In stores, there is often a minimum charge for credit cards (i.e. $25). ATM machines are available only in the largest towns.

What should I pack?
Pack lightly—you need less than you think. We recommend foldable, soft-sided luggage for ease of storing your bags in lockers aboard. We’ve prepared a packing list of some items to consider bringing.

What types of shoes will I need?
We promote a barefoot policy aboard Allende. You will need to bring sandals or flip-flops for the beach. If you are planning to hike, you should bring the necessary footwear. Some hikes can be done in flip-flops but some require sturdy hiking sandals or sneakers. Some hikes will get your feet wet. Heels or dress shoes are not necessary, even at the nicest restaurants. Remember, you will be getting in and out of a tender to get to shore, so practical shoes are a must.

If you prefer to wear shoes aboard we ask that they be clean with non-marking soles. Keep one pair for wearing aboard and another pair of shoes for wearing ashore.

Are hair dryers supplied? 
Yes, hair dryers are provided aboard. Feel free to bring your curling iron or hair straightener. Please note that these power-hungry appliances can be used only while the generator is running.

Do I need to bring my own snorkel gear?
Snorkel gear (mask, snorkel and fins) is provided for each guest. However, if you already own snorkel gear you may wish to bring it, as we cannot guarantee that our masks will fit each face perfectly. We request shoe sizes in advance so we are sure to have fins to fit everyone in your group.

Do I need to pack towels?
No, fluffy white towels for bathing and quick-drying Turkish towels for outdoor use are provided.

What is the bathroom/shower situation on board?
Each cabin has its own en-suite bathroom with electric flush toilets, shower, sink and vanity cabinet with mirror. There is also an outdoor shower at the swim platform.

Is there access to a washer and dryer?
Allende does not have laundry facilities on board. If you anticipate needing to use a laundromat during your charter, please let the crew know in advance so they can build a stop into your itinerary.

Is there Wi-Fi on board?
Yes. Allende’s wireless network operates over the local cellular network. Feel free to use the Wi-Fi to check your email, read the news and post to social networks. We ask that you bring downloaded music to play aboard—the internet speed is not sufficient for streaming music or videos.

Can we connect to Allende’s stereo system?
You can connect to Allende’s stereo via Bluetooth, USB cable or headphone jack. Remember to bring downloaded, not streaming, music.

Can I use my mobile phone to call home?
American cell phones work without roaming charges in the USVI. Sometimes a US signal can be found in BVI waters if a US cell tower is in sight. If you anticipate using your phone often, we recommend purchasing an international plan from your service provider.

Is there a way for my family to reach me in case of an emergency?
Yes, your crew is reachable by phone, email and VHF radio.